7 Days of Creation

I had an unexpected week off from the Dar Chebab in celebration of the Prophet Mohammed’s (Peace be upon Him) birthday. Instead of doing the usual winter hibernation thing (although my blankets are always tempting), I decided to set in little goal for myself. During the cold months in the mountains it is really hard to have the motivation to do anything, unless you have a work schedule to follow. Thus I came up with the idea of doing ‘7 days of creation’. On each of these seven days I have to create something, anything… useful, artsy, eatable; as long as I am up, moving, and creating.

This really wasn’t too much of a challenge for me, I live for this kinda stuff. I love playing around with crafts and cooking can be a great pass time. The only thing was, this time I was holding myself responsible for doing something each day for a week. Normally these things just start with a sudden burst of inspiration with no rhyme or reason.

7 Days of Creation

Day 1: Dreamcatcher
I made this dreamcatcher completely from materials around my house. Some leftover rope from the clothesline, pieces of loose fabric, and sticks from outside all came together to make a decoration for my bedroom.

Day 2: Power Bars
Power Bars, more like Protein packed, nutrient rich, vegan, gluten free, fiber filled, naturally sweetened, chocolaty bars. Yep, this creation was all of those things. I made almond and oat flour to make it gluten free, shredded apple and carrot for natural sweetening, blended black beans and some banana in replace of eggs, and a little bit of salt, pure cocoa powder and cinnamon. I know that having beans in there sounds weird, but really, give it a chance because it’s great.

Day 3: Art Supply Shelf
I’m a big organizer. I love it. Having a special place to put something lights up my life, seriously. For the past few months all of my teaching/art supplies were kept on top of my dresser. I had been wanting them to have their own spot for awhile. So I decided to create one. I asked around at a few veggie stands and was able to get a wooden crate to start with. Then I spotted an old window frame outside of a woodshop, perfect! After explaining that I didn’t need it to have glass or be repainted I received a few odd looks and the frame for free! The rest of the materials all came from around the house again and now I have a lovely upcycled shelf.

Day 4: Almond Butter
The cheap food processer that my housemate and I bought in town was probably one of my favorite purchases ever. And this creation even further enhanced my love of it. Almond butter, with a little bit of cinnamon and the natural sweetness from my sunflower oil, will now accompany my market bread in the morning.

Day 5: Painting
I call these ‘Silhouettes of Morocco’. I can’t find any canvas here so I have been using cardboard to do most of my painting on. From the left we have Atlas Mountain Donkey, a Mosque in Marrakech, and a Rooftop Stork in Ifrane.

Day 6: A Beach Rap
This is for any potential summer vacations I might be having this year… Can you tell I’m excited for winter to be over? This is just a simple dress that I can wear over a swimsuit or just have for a warm day. Sorry you can’t see the whole thing in this picture, I was too cold to take my three layers of pants off.

Day 7: Chai Tea Latte Mix
My favorite thing about cold weather is tea. I’m a little obsessed with it. And I have been even more obsessed with chai tea since high school. So naturally it has been a real downer to be in a country that doesn’t share my taste (although I do love Moroccan mint tea). Anyways, this just means that I had to create my own! Cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger powder, nutmeg, vanilla sugar, and cardamom all mixed together and there you have it! Just boil some oat milk and water, mix, and sweeten with honey.

Now that my week of creating is over it is back to the Dar Chebab. Classes there are getting much smoother now that the kids are getting used to a schedule. Today will be the first day of my Art and Environment Club. This is basically an art class with a focus on the environment and incorporating recycled products like plastic bags, empty bottles, etc. I have also started to help plan a GLOW Camp (Girls Leading Our World) with a group of female volunteers in my area, this will take place at the end of the summer.

Well, that’s it for now! Off to buy some fruit and a few treats for my newly fixed kitty cat.


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