Pizza and Snow Days

Snow on the ground and a day full of tornado like winds means no work at the Dar Chebab and extra time around the house. I have taken this as a chance to do a little bit of needed self care. Apart from the odd house chore (there seems to be some sort of leaking problem so, during times of heavy rain and snow, I am constantly mopping out my bedroom, the hallway, and the kitchen) I have nothing but schedule-less time.

Self Care Task List:
1. Drink hot chocolate. Made with oat milk and a little bit of care package Starbucks coffee.
2. Take a bath. I’m not going to tell you how long it has been because I don’t want to be judged… it’s cold okay. Taking a bath consists of boiling two pots of water on a slow heating gas stove, mixing with cold water in a big bucket, soaping myself all over, and dumping the water on my head. This system is perfect in the summer, but feels like death when there is snow outside and no heat inside.
3. Cuddle with the pets.
4. Make pizza! I finally found a pizza dough recipe that uses ingredients that are easily available. It also works perfectly in our little gas bread oven because I can make it crispy on the edges.
5. Put argon oil in my newly cleaned hair. Argon can only be found in Morocco but has quickly become popular in many places around the world.

My cheeseless pizza with a balsamic and olive oil sauce

I also spent a few hours at my neighbor’s house where I was invited to have tea and cookies. After my tea, I helped the kids with their math homework and drew a few pictures for them to use as coloring pages. My neighborhood has gotten increasingly more welcoming of my site mate and I. The kids all know us by name and are always asking to play games. I have been invited for tea a number of times now and the families are very hospitable, after seeing how much their kids like having us around. It is great to really feel like part of the community, even if it only extends to the end of the street we live on.

And there you have it! A day at home.



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